HL5877 Broadband Limiting Amplifier (35 kHz to 24 GHz)


Datasheet  | S-parameters

The HL5877 is an ultra-broadband, thermally-compensated limiting amplifier. The HL5877 demonstrates exceptional input sensitivity, allowing amplification of very small input signals while responding with a limited range of output amplitude.

The HL5877 allows user control of both output amplitude and eye pattern crossing point.

This product is part of our line of Broadband Amplifiers.

Key Specifications (typical)
Bandwidth (3 dB) 35 kHz to 24 GHz
Small Signal Gain 27 dB
Amplitude Deviation ± 2.5%, 0° to +60° C
XP Deviation ± 2%, 0° to +60° C
Return Loss 10 dB, input & output
Temperature Limits 0° to +60° C, operating
RoHS Compliant Yes
REACH Compliant Yes
Warranty 1 year, repair or replacement

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