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Broadband Kelvin Bias Tees

HYPERLABS offers a variety of ultra-broadband Kelvin bias tees with sense ports and low insertion loss throughout the specified bandwidth range.

A typical bias tee allows for insertion of a DC bias current into a circuit with minimal perturbation of a 50 Ω transmission line, but can suffer measurement errors due to voltage drop across the DC coil.

A Kelvin bias tee is designed for applications where both DC and RF signals are applied to the Device under Test (DUT) and precision DC measurements are required.

It eliminates DC biasing errors as the sense coil allows accurate measurement of the DC voltage applied across the DUT.

These devices can be used for biasing amplifiers, lasers, optical modulators, and other devices. 

Applications include 112 Gbps PAM4 signaling, optical communication systems, high-speed data systems, and interfacing between devices with incompatible DC operating points.

For standard bias tees without a sense port, please click here.