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Ultra-broadband Components for data and RF applications

HYPERLABS offers a wide range of Ultra-Broadband microwave components including baluns, pick-off tees, bias tees, DC blocks, power dividers, low pass rise time filters, and sampler/mixers.

Our industry-leading HL940x broadband baluns offer unrivaled -bandwidth (3 dB to 100+ GHz), amplitude and phase match. They are the best baluns on the market for passing data, as shown in our eye diagrams.  

The HL947x power dividers offer exceptional performance for applications with a  zero-degree splitting requirement.

HL946x broadband pick-off tees, available as  amplitude- and phase-matched pairs, offer the lowest levels of insertion loss from DC to 67+ GHz (-3 dB).

Our line of HL944x DC bias tees and HL943x DC blocks are well-matched components to 110+ GHz that either block or allow the insertion of a DC bias.

HL945x low pass rise time filters reliably limit signal speeds to meet application or test specifications.

For aviation and Sig/Int applications, our samplers / harmonic mixers offer industry-leading linearity and harmonic distortion up to 20 GHz.

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