Broadband DC Blocks

The HL943x family of DC Blocks from HYPERLABS offer typical insertion loss of < 1 dB up to 67 GHz. These parts are available in a variety of connector configurations and with breakdown voltages of 11 V or 30 V.

The DC block will remove DC bias from the input signal to prevent damage to DC-sensitive  devices or equipment.

These devices are suitable for use in 112 Gbps PAM4 communications systems, optical  communication systems, high-speed data systems, level shifting, cascading, and interfacing between devices with incompatible DC operating points.

Our DC blocks can be bought individually or as matched pairs. Please note that the matching service costs extra. If matching is required, the product titled “Matched Pair” should be purchased. If two units are purchased individually, they will not be matched prior to shipment.

Available Models