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Signal integrity solutions for 224 Gbps and high-speed data applications

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Keep Your Eyes Wide Open™  with HYPERLABS components designed specifically with 112 and 224 Gbps PAM4 applications in mind.

Data rates keep increasing; make sure your test system can keep up. Our ultra-broadband devices pass clean eyes with minimal signal perturbation, preserving the performance of the high-speed designs you worked so hard to create.

Our amplifiers,  balunsDC blocksbias teespick-off teespower dividersattenuators, terminations and inverters provide the industry standard in signal integrity.

We also build rugged, low-cost instrumentation including TDRs and controlled impedance analyzers. Our Signal Path Analyzers™ measure TDR, TDT, FEXT, NEXT, S21, and S11. Our multi-channel instruments offer up to 35 ps rise time.

Don’t see what you need? Contact us and see if we can build a test and measurement solution to fit your application.

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