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HYPERLABS Linear Amplifiers and Transition Time Converters for 10Gbaud PAM4 Applications

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AN-008 | September 14, 2023

Measurements will be presented in this application note to show that HYPERLABS’ broadband linear amplifiers perform exceptionally well in PAM4 applications at 10Gbaud. 

It should be noted that the HL5867 (35kHz to 30GHz) and HL5887 (42kHz to 40GHz) amplifiers  have three to four times more bandwidth than is needed for PAM4 signaling at 10Gbaud. Equally, if not more important, these amplifiers  have a flat time domain step response. 

The measurements presented in this note will show that these amplifiers  respond to 10Gbaud PAM4 input signals in the 75mVp-p to 340mVp-p range without adding distortion to the
time domain eye diagrams. 

We will also highlight the use of HL9452 Transition Time Converters to optimize the time domain response of a system for operation at a specific baud rate of interest. 

Lastly, we will show why limiting amplifiers , such as the HL5877, are not suitable for PAM4 applications.

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Measurement Setup for 10Gbaud PAM4 Amplifier Evaluation.