HL9452 Low Pass Rise Time Filter (1-15 GHz)


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HL9452 low-pass absorptive rise time filters provide superior return loss and flat group delay. This model comes in options with bandwidth between 1-15 GHz (350 ps to 28 ps rise time). For filters below 1 GHz, please see our related model number HL9450.

Designed using HYPERLABS’ proprietary absorptive filtering, these filters offer similar frequency response as 4th order Bessel-Thompson filters.

These filters are suitable for OEM use in high-speed telecom and digital networks, as anti-aliasing filters in digital oscilloscopes, and to limit the RF bandwidth to known values.

Available Options
  • 28 ps rise time, 12.5 GHz (opt. -28)
  • 47 ps rise time, 7.46 GHz (opt. -47)
  • 60 ps rise time, 5.83 GHz (opt. -60)
  • 100 ps rise time, 3.5 GHz (opt. -100)
  • 150 ps rise time, 2.33 GHz (opt. -150)
  • 200 ps rise time, 1.75 GHz (opt. -200)

In addition to the options listed within this website and datasheet, HYPERLABS offers customers quick-turn custom filter designs up to 45 GHz. The full-turn service includes design, manufacturing, and assembly. Small quantities are typically available within a few weeks.

Please contact us for more information about these custom designs.


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Technical Specifications

Datasheet PDF    |   S-parameters (all options) ZIP

Rise Time (10-90%) 60 to 200 ps, depending on option
Bandwidth (3 dB) 1.75 to 5.83 GHz, depending on option
Group Delay (3 fc) 400 to 535 ps, depending on option
Max Input Power +25 dBm
Connectors SMA, 1x plug, 1x jack
ROHS compliance Yes, assembled with lead-free solder
Warranty 1 year, repair or replacement

Product Applications

  • High-speed telecom and digital networks
  • Anti-aliasing filters in digital oscilloscopes
  • RF bandwidth limitation to known values

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