HL9403 Broadband Drop-In Balun (20 GHz)


The HL9403 is a drop-in broadband balun with typical ± 0.25 dB amplitude match from 5 MHz to 20 GHz (-3 dB) and ± 2 degree phase match typical at 10 GHz.

This product is optimized for use in high-speed analog-to-digital conversion, differential signal generation, harmonic distortion minimization, and pulse inversion.

The HL9403 is designed to be installed onto printed circuit boards, offering unmatched on-board performance for aerospace, R&D, and other cutting-edge applications.

An SMA connector version of this balun is available as the HL9402, while the HL9404 offers an extended 40 GHz bandwidth.

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Technical Specifications

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Bandwidth (-3 dB) 5 MHz to 20 GHz
Amplitude Match ± 0.25 dB, typical
Phase Balance ± 2-4 degrees, typical at 20 GHz
Insertion Loss -6 dB
Interface Drop-in with micro-coax leads
ROHS compliance Yes, assembled with lead-free solder
Warranty 1 year, repair or replacement

NOTE #1: If the DC voltage of the input or output is not zero, DC block capacitors are required.

NOTE #2: To achieve maximum amplitude match to 20 GHz, our baluns are designed to require a pair of highly-accurate (<1 %) 50 ohm terminations.

Product Applications

  • Changing single-ended signals to differential in high-speed analog-to-digital converters
  • Generating differential data from single-ended sources
  • Combining differential signals into single-ended while minimizing harmonic distortion
  • Pulse inversion

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