Signal Path Analyzers™

TDR, TDT, NEXT, FEXT, S21, and S11 – all in one device.

For applications requiring high-performance TDR, TDT, NEXT, FEXT, Return Loss, and Insertion Loss measurement capabilities, HYPERLABS Signal Path Analyzers™ deliver the most options and the best value.

Our product line features analyzers with 2-20 channels, single-ended and differential capabilities, rise times as fast as 35 ps, and a wide variety of port connector options. Some even offer ESDS Class 2 static-robustness.

Not sure which instrument makes sense for your application? Contact us and we’ll help you figure it out.

For simple TDR requirements, check out our HL1100 Series of Time Domain Reflectometers.

*Not all instruments can perform all measurement types. All modes other than TDR have minimum channel number requirements.