HL1101 Ruggedized USB TDR


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The HL1101 is an electrostatic-robust, USB-driven TDR suitable for deployment in a wide variety of lab, field, and industrial applications.

The included ZTDR™ software displays full waveforms and impedance measurements on any Windows PC.

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Technical Specifications

Datasheet PDF

# of Channels 1 single-ended
Typical Rise Time 200 ps
ESD Sensitivity Complies with Class 2 of ESDS Component Sen-sitivity Classification (ESD STM5.1-1998)
Test Range 200 m (400 m roundtrip)
Interface USB-powered and -controlled
Software ZTDR (Windows only) with lifetime upgrades
Dimensions 5.66″ x 2.44″ x 1.48″
Weight 7.7 oz.
Warranty 1 year, repair or replacement

Product Applications

  • Impedance characterization in cables
  • Fault detection and location in communications cables
  • Time of flight and delay measurement
  • Soil moisture measurement
  • Water level and turbidity measurement

Software and Documentation