HL300S Ruggedized Controlled Impedance Test System


The HL300S is a complete electrostatic-robust test system designed for easy, cost-effective PCB impedance characterization and verification.

This Test System is designed to comply with IPC-2141A standards for PCB coupon testing, and can be customized to meet specific customer needs.

This package includes the USB-controlled differential instrument, two probes, Zcoupon™ software with free lifetime upgrades, and a calibration standards substrate.

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Technical Specifications

# of Channels 1 differential pair / 2 single-ended
Typical Rise Time 200 ps
Calibration Internally calibrated to within ± 1% of 50 Ω
Static Robustness ESDS Class 2
Interface USB-powered and -controlled
Software Zcoupon (Windows only) with lifetime upgrades
Warranty 1 year, repair or replacement

*For complete technical specifications, please see the product pages and spec sheets for each constituent part of the test system.

Product Applications

  • Printed circuit board (PCB) impedance characterization
  • Coupon testing of printed circuit boards
  • Controlled impedance quality assurance

Software and Documentation