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Ultra-Broadband Power Dividers

HYPERLABS Broadband Power Dividers include Resistive and Wilkinson designs that provide outstanding amplitude and phase symmetrical power division from DC to 110 GHz. A variety of connector configurations is available.

The Wilkinson versions (HL967X) of this product line are 2-way power dividers that provide outstanding amplitude and in-phase power division or combining from 1 GHz to beyond 67 GHz. The advantage of a Wilkinson power divider is the high isolation  between the output ports that is extremely advantageous in power combining applications.

The Resistive versions of this product line are available as either 4-way power dividers with 12 dB nominal attenuation (HL957x Series) or 2-way power dividers with 6 dB nominal attenuation (HL947x Series). An SMD 2-way variant is also available.

These devices are suitable for use in PAM4 communication systems up to 224 Gbps, broadband test systems, and many other applications.

For leveling and ratio measurement applications, please see our line of Resistive Power Splitters.