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Common Mode Rejection of the HYPERLABS’ HL940X Series Baluns

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AN-006 | June 29, 2023

In these measurements we will focus on differential to single-ended conversion versus single-ended measurements. We will  show that using a balun with a high Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) will be beneficial to the designer only if common mode signals are present on the differential signal.

Our test setup  uses a high speed MICRAM DAC4 is used to produce a 32 Gbps NRZ eye diagram. The differential signal is sent through a pair of phase-matched HYPERLABS 40GHz Pick-Off Tees (HL9464).

These Pick-Off Tees are used to insert Common Mode signaling on top of the 32 Gbps NRZ pattern. The combined signal is sent through the 40 GHz Balun (HL9404) and finally the 40 GHz Linear Amplifier (HL5887).  The outputs are measured with a 50 GHz Lecroy Sampling Scope.

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Block Diagram of a system designed to test Common Mode Rejection of HYPERLABS baluns.