HL9491 Broadband SMD Balun (1 MHz to 20 GHz)


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The HL9491 is a surface mountable (SMD) signal splitter and combiner that offers excellent amplitude and phase match over an industry-best bandwidth of 1 MHz to 20 GHz (3 dB).

This ROHS-compliant product is optimized for use in high-speed analog-to-digital conversion, differential signal generation, harmonic distortion minimization, and pulse inversion.

For other high-performance balun products, please see our complete line of ultra-broadband baluns.

Key Specifications (typical)
Bandwidth 1 MHz to 20 GHz
Amplitude Match ± 0.4 dB, typical
Phase Match ± 5 degrees, f = 10 GHz
Insertion Loss 7 dB nominal
Interface Solderable pads, Gold ENIG
Evaluation Board Available as Opt. -EVAL
RoHS Compliant Yes
REACH Compliant Yes
Warranty 1 year, repair or replacement

NOTE #1: If the DC voltage of the balanced or unbalanced ports is non-zero, DC blocks are required. The balanced ports (2 and 3) are DC shorted..

NOTE #2: To achieve maximum amplitude match to the specified frequency, our baluns are designed to require highly-accurate (< 1%) 50 Ω terminations on the differential outputs.

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