HL9323 Sampler / Harmonic Mixer with Differential Input


The HL9323 is a high-precision sampler / harmonic mixer that offers better than -60 dBc linearity in the second and third harmonics up to 20 GHz (RF).

Designed with military, aerospace, and other high-performance applications in mind, the HL9323 offers unparalleled performance in a compact package.

The HL9313 has a differential input. Its sister product, the HL9313, offers similar performance using a single-ended input.

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Technical Specifications

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Bandwidth (typical) 15 GHz at -3 dB, 19 GHz at -6 dB
LO Input Frequency (Sinusoidal) 1 GHz to 2.5 GHz
LO to RF Isolation 67 dB
Linearity, Second Harmonic* -68 dBc
Linearity, Third Harmonic* -67 dBc
Noise Floor -107 dBm
Warranty 1 year, repair or replacement

NOTE #1: Harmonic distortion measurements were taken under the following test conditions: L0 = 1 GHz + 5 dBm, Pin = 100 MHz 0 dBm.

Product Applications

  • Frequency down conversion
  • Harmonic mixing
  • Use in network analyzers, TDRs, sampling oscilloscopes, and spectrum analyzers
  • High-speed front end for A/D converters

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