HL9472 Broadband Resistive Power Divider (26.5 GHz)


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The HL9472 is a 6 dB power divider that provides outstanding amplitude and phase symmetrical power division from DC to beyond 26.5 GHz.

This ROHS-compliant product is designed using a three-resistor network resulting in outputs that are nominally attenuated to 6 dB, and all ports are impedance matched to 50 Ohms when the ports are terminated.

In the same product family, the HL9477 offers 67 GHz bandwidth, the HL9475 offers 50 GHz bandwidth and the HL9474 offers 40 GHz bandwidth.

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Technical Specifications

Datasheet PDF

Bandwidth (-1.5 dB) DC to 26.5 GHz
Amplitude Match ± 0.1 dB, typical
Phase Balance ± 4-6 degrees, typical at 20 GHz
Insertion Loss (AC) 6 dB
Connectors SMA mm; 3x jack input/output
ROHS compliance Yes, assembled with lead-free solder
Warranty 1 year, repair or replacement

NOTE #1: The HL9472 ports are symmetrical and the device can be used in any direction.

NOTE #2: For the purposes of this datasheet and the S Parameters on our website, Port 1 is indicated with a small dot on the label.

Product Applications

  • Multi-Gbps communications systems
  • High-speed analog-to-digital conversion
  • Frequency response testing for differential devices

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