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NEW Ultrabroadband Baluns to 100 GHz



HYPERLABS INC., the leader in ultra-broadband components for RF and data applications, has released two new baluns with the highest bandwidth on the market.

Built with precision 1.0 mm connectors, the HL9409 covers a bandwidth of 500 kHz to 100 GHz (3 dB). The related HL9408 offers a 3 dB bandwidth of 85 GHz.

Both models are suitable for use in 200 Gbps PAM4 communications systems, high speed analog-to-digital conversion, frequency response testing for differential devices and other wideband applications.

These baluns are available as engineering samples and small-volume purchases, with S-parameter data files available for each device.  Demos are available to existing customers.

For more information about these new parts, please download the preliminary datasheet or contact us.

Please also see our related product announcement in the Microwave Journal.