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NEW Ultra-Broadband 14 and 20 dB Pick-off Tees


HYPERLABS INC., the market leader in ultra-broadband RF pick-off tees, is pleased to announce a new line of devices with additional pick-off signal options.

HL956x devices use proprietary resistive technology to provide the industry’s flattest frequency response with either 14 dB or 20 dB output on the pick-off line. 

For differential and other high-precision applications, these parts are also available as amplitude- and phase-matched pairs (option -M). Connector options include SMA, 2.92 mm, and 2.4 mm.

The HL956x is a supplemental offering to our industry-leading HL946x Z-Matched Pick-off Tees, which offer a balanced 50 Ohms on all ports.

For more information about these parts, please visit the product pages or contact us directly.