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NEW Bias Tees and DC Blocks to 110+ GHz


HYPERLABS INC., the leader in ultra-broadband components for RF and data applications, has expanded its lineup of 110 GHz offerings.

Boasting unmatched passband flatness, the HL9449 Broadband Bias Tee operates from 160 kHz to 110 GHz (175 mA) with < 2 dB of loss. 

The HL9439 Broadband DC Block also offers < 2 dB loss over the same 160 kHz to 110 GHz bandwidth. 

Both products are also available with 85 GHz bandwidth. All 85 and 110 GHz parts are built with precision 1.0 mm connectors.

For more information about these new parts, please visit the product pages or contact us.