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Comparison of 110 GHz Silicon (HL9439) and Ceramic (HL8439) DC Blocks

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AN-009 | May 2, 2024

Our engineers have developed a proprietary transmission line topology that enables the development of a wide range of component offerings. In the realm of DC Blocking components, HYPERLABS released their initial 110 GHz offering, the HL9439, in Q2 2022. 

This initial DC Block is based on a silicon technology which has some trade-offs in comparison to ceramic technology, to be discussed and compared in this note. 

In Q1 2024, HYPERLABS is releasing the broadest bandwidth DC Block in the industry, the HL8439, a ceramic-based offering that boasts a bandwidth of 16 kHz to over 110 GHz, with a voltage rating of 10 V.

In system development, proper device selection and understanding of specific performance trade-offs pertaining to those  choices are of utmost importance. To assist in making the best tradeoffs when using HYPERLABS’ components, we will investigate the construction as well as the differences between ceramic-based capacitors versus silicon-based versions in this application note.

To read more, download the full PDF of AN-009.

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Capacitance vs. Temperature (25°C norm.)