HL9467 Broadband Pick-off Tee (67 GHz, Plug Out)


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The HL9467 Broadband Pick-off Tee, available as either matched pairs (opt. -M) or individual devices (opt. -U), offers flat frequency response from DC to 67 GHz on the thru line and 55 GHz bandwidth (-3 dB) on the pick-off line.  It is suitable as a trigger source with minimum perturbation of the through signal path. Digital oscilloscope applications include pre-scaler triggering, synchronization, and clock/data recovery.

This product is part of our line of Broadband DC Pick-off Tees. See the “Related Products” section below for alternate connector configurations, or Contact Us to request a customized product.

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Technical Specifications

Datasheet PDF    |   S-parameters ZIP

Bandwidth DC to 67 GHz, thru
DC to 55 GHz (-3 dB), pick-off
Amplitude Match ± 0.25 dB, typical
Risetime 5.2 ps thru, 7.0 ps pick-off
Insertion Loss -4 dB thru, -10 dB pick-off
Connectors 1.85 mm (V); jack in and pick-off, plug thru out
ROHS compliance Yes, assembled with lead-free solder
Warranty 1 year, repair or replacement

Product Applications

  • Digital oscilloscope pre-scaler triggering
  • Synchronization
  • Clock/data recovery

Data and Documentation

See our Pick-off Tee page for all available configurations in this product family.

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