HL9419 Broadband Inverter (150 kHz to 100 GHz)


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The HL9419 is an ultra-broadband Pulse Inverter with a typical fixed insertion loss of 2 dB with a very flat frequency response from 150 kHz to 100 GHz.

These devices are used to invert a signal in the time domain, corresponding to a 180° shift in the frequency domain. The inverters are bi-directional with regards to the applied signal.

The cross-connection of the coaxial cable conductor and outer ground along with ferrites and microwave absorber are used to accomplish the inversion.

This product is available either as a single device or as a matched pair (2 devices). Typical Applications include Test & Measurement, high-speed data systems, pulse experiments, and RADAR.

Key Specifications (typical)
Bandwidth 150 kHz to 100 GHz
Insertion Loss (AC) 2 dB, 150 kHz < f ≤ 100 GHz
Return Loss (AC) 10 dB, 150 kHz < f ≤ 100 GHz
Connectors 1.0 mm
RoHS Compliant Yes
REACH Compliant Yes
Warranty 1 year, repair or replacement

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