HL9333 Down Converter Sampler / Harmonic Mixer


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The HL9333 is a high-precision down-converting sampler / harmonic mixer integrated circuit that offers excellent linearity, low noise and flat frequency response up to 20 GHz (RF).

Applications include harmonic down-conversion, high-speed front-end for A/D converts, and use in network analyzers, TDR, sampling oscilloscopes, and spectrum analyzers

Reference design evaluation boards are available.

RF Bandwidth (typical) 17 GHz at -3 dB
19 GHz at -6 dB
LO Input Frequency (Square Wave) 100 MHz to 2.5 GHz
LO Input Amplitude (Square Wave) 300 mVpp (600 mVpp Diff) minimum
Conversion Loss 20 dB
LO to RF Isolation 67 dB
Linearity, Second Harmonic* -68 dBc
Linearity, Third Harmonic* -66 dBc
Noise Floor -130 dBm
Warranty 1 year, repair or replacement

NOTE #1: Harmonic distortion measurements were taken under the following test conditions: L0 = 1 GHz square wave,  RF = 100 MHz @ 0 dBm.